Friday, February 10, 2012

Ian's & Jenna's Story

Hey there! :)

Like I've promised here's my story about my two new sims Ian and Jenna. I think it's a bit too dramatic and unrealistic but it's just sims!

I know that my english is not the best but I really hope you'll understand everything in spite of any grammar or spelling mistakes.

This story is purely fictional and any similarities with existing persons or situations are conincidental. :)

Ian’s and Jenna’s story began in an orphanage. Both spent nearly their entire childhood there. They didn’t know why they did not have parents; nobody could tell them the truth. Sometimes before Ian fell asleep a picture of their mother rushed through his mind. In his thoughts she was a beautiful and clever woman, he told Jenna often about her long blond hair, but when he grew up he started to doubt that his mother actually looked like this. Maybe it was just his ideal of a mother to replace the ugly reality…

However, for Jenna her older brother has always been a role model. In her eyes, he was so strong and sensible, just admirable. She knew they were going to stay together their whole lives.
Time passed and Jenna just wanted to run away from the orphanage. She had been thinking about it so often, but she didn’t know where to go. Her brother was her only hope. He always told her: “Jenna, one day we’ll run away from here! I promise you.”

But days, weeks, months passed without any signs of leaving home. Instead Ian went out very often, leaving his sister all alone. Sometimes he even didn’t come home for several days. And when he came back he was always looking horrible, like he hadn’t slept for more than a week and he didn’t say anything. Jenna didn’t want a brother like that…he was a completely different person; he wasn’t her brother anymore, but just a random guy who had the same parents like her.
Now Jenna didn’t believe in his promise anymore and she decided to run away on her own, she didn’t need this guy called her “brother” any longer. She hadn’t seen him for more than a week but that wasn’t important. She had to concentrate on how to put her few things into her rucksack and leave this damn house and life.
Suddenly the door opened and a quite good looking guy came in. Jenna wasn’t sure, but it was Ian. He seemed to be quite happy and then he said as it was the most normal thing on earth: “Come on Jenna! We’re leaving.” Some minutes later both were standing in front of a pretty old looking building. They went in and stopped in front of an apartment door. Ian said proudly: “This is our new home.” Jenna could hardly believe her luck. She was sure, now everything was going to get better. But where had Ian got the money from?

Some weeks later Jenna had found a little job in an old store and even Ian seemed to be happier. He also went to work sometimes, but he didn’t say anything about it. Jenna had stopped asking him out about his secrets; she thought that she didn’t even want to know them…
This day had begun like every day; in the evening Jenna was walking home from work. She had to break her way through the cold darkness while she was trying not to recognize the smell which came out of the drain, the creepy persons that crossed her way and the reality…
She could already see the building. The apartment was on the ground floor of it and so she could easily take a look inside. But Jenna normally didn’t do this, because then she had to think about all these strange people who could do the same. Thinking about it made her feel cold. However this time her gaze glanced into the window for about a second. What she saw took her breath away. Jenna shut her lids hoping it had just been a bad dream. A short moment later she dared to open her eyes again and took another look inside the apartment. But it hasn’t been a dream. There he was, surrounded by cigarettes, empty bottles and lots of other stuff he had smashed on the floor; the wallpaper was torn down and he had written something on the wall.

Without even thinking a second Jenna rushed into the apartment and found her brother like that on the floor leaning against the wall. His eyes were empty and starred into nowhere. “What happened?” asked Jenna with her trembling voice. But Ian didn’t seem to recognize her so she repeated her question louder but still trembling: “Ian, what happened? Please tell me!” He kept on watching nothing for another few seconds than he slowly raised his head and looked at his sister with his bloodshot but empty eyes. Jenna felt how her eyes got wet with tears and suddenly one of them rolled down her cheek. She had never wanted to see her older brother like that. Slowly she approached him but suddenly he jumped up and pushed Jenna on the ground. While she was standing up Ian started to mutter: “No…no…go away! I-I…” Then he was quiet but only for a short time then he began shouting: “You! It’s your fault! Because of you I’m in this shit!” Jenna: “W-what?! What are you talking about? I don’t understand.  What’s your problem?” Ian: “You! You are the problem, you’ve always been and you’ll always be!”

Jenna didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t believe what he had just said. “Come on! What are you waiting for? Get off! I don’t want to see you anymore!” Jenna got cold and hot at the same time and finally she burst into a flood of tears and slowly turned away;

Then she started running. She didn’t have a special destination, she just ran away.

 In her head she heard her brother’s words: “You are the problem…” Every time she thought about these words she felt like someone would take her heart away. She had no idea what time it was or where she was going; the only thing she knew was that she had just left home.

When Jenna opened her eyes, she recognized some blurred things that were standing on the street. She remembered that she had sat down to rest for a while and apparently she had fallen asleep. “Ah, you are awake!” sounded a soft voice behind her. Jenna turned around and saw a pretty girl with dark hair, light skin and big bright eyes. “Hey, you look like you’ve just seen a ghost. I’m Lory.” Jenna knew that the girl now wanted to know her name so she said: „My name is Jenna….” And so they started to talk for a while about their lives and so on. From this moment they stayed together nearly the whole time. Jenna wasn't alone anymore...

About two weeks later when Lory came to see Jenna she told her about a guy she saw who was calling Jenna.

Jenna was sure that this guy had been Ian. But she didn’t want to go back to him. Suddenly Jenna noticed Lory’s face. She looked very sad but when she saw Jenna looking at her she tried to put on a smile and said: “Go back to him! He is your brother and he loves you, I’m sure.” Jenna answered: “But what’s about you? I don’t want to leave you alone…” “Don’t worry about me. I’m going to find a way. I promise! And maybe I’ll also have some luck one day. And now go and never leave him again!” After Lory had said these words Jenna hugged her and whispered: “Thank you so much for everything!”
With tears in her eyes Jenna walked down the streets until she found herself in front of the apartment building. She took a deep breath and walked in towards Ian’s apartment. But when she came closer she noticed a piece of paper on the door. She read the lines: “Idiot! You’ve had enough time to pay back the money. But now it’s too late! You’re going to see what happens to people who betray me. Better take care!”

What should that mean? The door wasn’t locked but there was nobody inside. Jenna started to run like she did some time ago, first slowly then faster; without knowing where to go but she knew she was running in the right direction. After passing a corner she saw what she was looking for but never wanted to see. A motionless body seeming to be Ian was lying at the end of the alley. “No, no…that’s not true!” was her only though. Jenna rushed towards Ian who had wounds on his whole body. She desperately tried to find a vital sign…but there was nothing no pulse, no breathing. “You can’t be dead! That’s impossible…Ian, don’t leave me! I need you!” cried Jenna.

At this moment she thought she could feel his heart beating …and actually it did. It had never stopped beating or had it just begun?

Weeks later Ian was fine again and he had explained Jenna the whole story. He have had borrowed the money to pay the apartment from a shady person but he couldn’t pay it all back. It is said that Ian had been in contact with this person some time before but that’s a story he doesn’t even tell Jenna.
He also apologized for the incident in the apartment. He had been so desperate and tried to still the pain with drugs. He thought that it had helped him before but this time it all got worse. He had been another person but he still wanted to protect Jenna. He wanted her to go away to hide herself from the person who wanted the money back.
Jenna got a new job as a barkeeper and Ian now works in a music store. In the evenings he likes to give concerts with his new band in the bar where Jenna works. And there you can also meet some other people, for example Lory who seems to be much happier now. Especially when she can watch the guitarist of the band, but that’s another story…

Well, this was my little story. I hope you enjoyed reading and you didn't mind my bad english too much. ;)

There'll be some more stories in the future so keep on passing by!

Here are the picture credits:

wall writings, torn wallpaper, bottles an pills, smoking clutter, table and chair by aikea_guinea
windows by robokitty

sims credits here


  1. I nteresting story and i love the pics. Look forward to more stories.

  2. sorry,das ich dir hier auf deutsch schreib,aber soweit ich weiß kannst du deutsch doch,oder ? ;)
    Ich finde deine Story echt sehr gut und Interessant und ich wollte dich mal was fragen.Hast du noch weiter vor Storys zu schreiben?Oder ist es nur wegen der zeit her?
    Ich schreibe ebenfalls Storys,allerdings mach ich es als Video.Ich wollte jedenfalls fragen ob du vielleicht Interesse hättest,mit mir zusammen zuarbeiten.Ich lass dir meinen YT- Account da:

    Würde mich über ein ja sehr freuen :)

    1. Zuerst einmal, vielen Dank für dein Lob! :)
      Ich werde mit ziemlicher Sicherheit noch mehr Storys schreiben, allerdings kann es bis dahin noch etwas dauern.
      Ich habe mir mal einige deiner Videos angesehen und sie sind auch ziemlich gut.
      Trotzdem möchte ich dein wirklich schmeichelhaftes Angebot ablehnen, zumindest vorerst. So dumm es sich anhören mag, ich hänge an meinen Storys und sie haben auch fast immer noch einen Hintergrund, den ich aber nicht schreibe, nur ich weiß ihn. ^^
      Ich hoffe du bist jetzt nicht allzu enttäuscht. Falls ich meine Meinung ändere hörst du noch von mir. Du hast ja glaube ich auch einen Thread im offiziellen Sims-Forum, in dem ich dir schreiben könnte.

      LG Lisa

  3. Das ist schade,aber ok :)
    Vielleicht überlegst du es dir ja einmal.
    und ja,ich hab ein Thread im Forum würde mich freuen,wenn ich da mal was von dir hören würde :D