Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ivy Bafford

Hey there!
Maybe you've been thinking I had been hijacked by aliens but as you can see I'm still alive! (Even if there had been times I would have prefered hanging out with ET and his friends.)
Actually I had to cope with tons of problems and blahblah... I don't really want to bore you with unimportant details of my life.
Because you're here to see my sims, aren't you?

Well, here's a little girl that I really like. She's that kind of girl you would expect sitting on her sugar daddy's lap while playing with his gold chain....or maybe just walking through the garden, singing christmas songs and looking for unicorns! It's your choice - what' re you gonna do with Ivy Bafford?

(Download contains .sim & .sims3pack of this sim as well a picture and a text file with a CC list)

CCs I used:
Skin (Default) by Ephemera
Hair (adjust shine) by Peggy/Anubis260 
Eyes(default) by Shady
Freckles by precious sims 
Freckles by Vasilla (sorry, I don’t know if it’s part 1 or 2) 
Eyebags by Tifa
Eyelashes by SClub
Blush by arisuka
Lips by IN3S
Scar (Costume Makeup) by shep 
Formal gown by LorandiaSims3 
Lingerie by LianaSims3
Sports top by Shock & Shame
Nails by Daluved1

! I also used this SLIDERS. (If you don't have them in your game the sim may look different!)

Please don't reupload her or claim her as your own (even if you altered her face)! If you use her for pictures credit to my blog would be nice.