Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kiddy Kiss Poses

Hello, hello...can you hear me?

Well, of course you can't...but you can see what I post here and that's good! :)

Okay guys I tried to make some toddler and child poses and now I decided to share them with you. They aren't anything special, like I've said just a try or something. And please don't criticize the mouthes of the kissing ones. You can't imagine how damn difficult it is to form a sim's lips into a kissing mouth! But I tried my best...

This time I just made 3 pics, yes only 3! If you want to look more closely at the kid's faces you have to download the poses...sorry. ;)
(At the end of the post there are more pics but they don't concern the poses)
The two girls are Olivia's daughters, just wanted to let you know. ^^

The poses work with the poselist.
But I know that some of you prefer knowing the names, so here they are:

The poses with the "a" are the kissing ones.

Now a little story of Olivia's life: It was Hannah's birthday. (Hannah is the child girl.) They bought a birthday cake to celebrate this day but then something unexpected happened. Boom! The cake cought fire and ruined the whole kitchen! Olivia wasn't really happy about this... But I thought it was kinda funny! xD

And now something very different...
Cindy-May moved house and found some old but interesting photos while packing all her things into cartons.
(Click to enlarge!)

Okay, I think that's enough for the moment.
It would be very nice if you posted me you opinion about...anything, the poses, the photos (shall I upload these sims? They are part of Cindy-May's story I'm writing at the moment but I think I'm not gonna rewrite it in english... Maybe you'll see the pictures...).

If there are any problems with the download or the file itself please, please let me know!

Now it's time to go. See you soon!


  1. OMG it's so cute!! How sweet!
    Thank you for sharing^^

  2. Ga!Gurk! SO CUTE, can't stand it!
    Thanks so much! :D

  3. The poses are adorable!

    Also, I love the pics! You should upload the sims. :D

  4. Beautiful pose! Thank you? my toddlers happy)

  5. О! Очень красивые позы! Детки очень милые! Сейчас как раз не хватает такой детской любви в мире симс (: Спасибо, что выставили! Красота да и тоолько! Качаю!!

  6. Thank you guys! :)

    Dasha, I don't speak russian but Google translator told me that you like these poses, don't you? ^^

  7. Oh =) I`m Sorry. Yes, I like your poses! In game it wondeful! p.s. sorry for my englishm i`m write without google =)
    in school i lear English =)
    Thank you for your nice poses! Carried off everything in the game!
    Children very cute)

  8. Oh thanks you for these poses! Btw I saw the image with the guy leaning his hands on the wall while kissing the girl, mind if you could kindly tell me where you got that pose? :D Or maybe you made it yourself ^^