Friday, June 29, 2012

Cindy-May Pratt

Hello out there!
Sorry for not posting such a long time but I was very busy (like almost always...). I've had lots of work for school and last week I've been to Rome! Wonderful city, very inspiring but hot, hot, hot climate!
Anyway, now I'm finally back and enjoying the first day of my holidays from school! Yeah! Now two months doing nothing!

(Bla,, I talk to much...)

Ok, in fact I wanted to present you my finished (more or less) new Sim. And now she even has a name! Cindy-May Pratt!
Honestly, I wouldn't like to be called like this...but I think this name fits her pretty good.

For me she's a very unique sim. Normally I just like or dislike a sim but this time...well, I can't's a hate-love! xD

Here are some pics of Cindy-May Pratt!



  Swimming in cash (Nothing more gorgeous than a 100$ bill!)


Zodiac sign:

When Cindy-May was a little child her mother left the family. Still today Cindy nor know the reason for her mother's disappearence nor her mum. So she was brought up by her father who actually wasn't very happy to have a baby. He didn't really care about his daughter. Anyhow Cindy managed to become a (feigned) tough girl. At the age of 16 she left her home dreaming of a live as a star. She had some tiny shows at old bars and actually she wasn't a bad singer but nobody seemed to recognize her. After some time she gave up her dream and struggled to get by. People who didn't know her would have said, that she was strong and could handle all her problems but as a matter of fact she cried nearly everyday and was very lonely. She had a lot of lovers, but nobody could win her heart...until that day when she met this handsome but mysterious man, who changed her whole live...

Hihi! Well that's a little part of her story. Maybe I'm going to tell you the whole spiel when I feel like doing it...maybe. At the moment it's all in my brain, locked in three treasure chests, key thrown away. xD

(No CCs are included in this download! You have to download these things by yourselves.)
skin by joedy
hair by Ulker (free retexture of this hair here)
eyebrows by Elexis
default eyes by Shady
beautymark by daluved1 
eyebags by Arisuka
eyeliner by emmzx
top (casual) by LorandiaSims3 (Lore)
shorts (casual) by LorandiaSims3 (Icia)
earrings (casual) by magnemoe
fingernails by daluved1

For this sim I used the 3D Eyelashes by SClub
(But they aren't necessary!)
! I also used this SLIDERS. (If you don't have them in your game the sim will look different!)

If you want to know the links of the other stuff I used for the pics - just ask! When you download her she wears the outfit you see in the second pic, the others fotos are just made for my own amusement. ;)
Ok, that's it! I really hope you like her. Would be happy about some comments about this Sim. ^^
Or if you have any other questions or whatever - just write it below!

Bye! ♥


  1. She's gorgeous! Love her style

    1. Thanks! ♥ I tried to create a unique and pretty trashy style for this sim.

  2. Ich find die geil :D (Nicht im erotischen Sinne ^^)
    Eigentlich finde Ich das Gesicht nicht so schön, aber du weißt ja wie man sowas gut in Szene setzt.
    Aber wirklich sehr Themenbasiert und wirklich, wirklich, wirkliiiiich einzigartig xD

    Liebe Grüße <3

    1. Dankeschön fürs vorbeischauen! :)
      Ich versuche jetzt auch gar nicht mehr so super-mega-schöne Sims zu machen, sondern solche, denen man auch echten Leben begegnen könnte und die alle ganz besonders und einzigartig sind. ^^