Monday, May 28, 2012

Just a little preview-like thing

Hey, you lost guy who accidentally landed at my blog! ;)

I'm not feeling like creating poses at the moment. So now I wanted to concentrate on sims, but it seems that nobody wants them...But I don't mind, I create sims just for fun not to please you! ^^

Just yesterday I spent hours creating a new sim and that's the result:

What comes into your mind when you look at her? Any name suggestions?

It's weird...normally I have a plan when I start making a sim but this time I had the feeling that the sim was creating herself!

I really don't know what to say about this girl....
I think she's born bad! Yes! Maybe she wanted to become a star but her greatest show ever was only a bad, teetering table dance at an yukky old bar.... Hmm, I don't know...

However, want to know who her "parents" are?  Well, in fact she does have two mothers, and one of her is a really famous woman!


So, you see, my new sim girl is a mix of a bad version of famous Marilyn Monroe and my lovely Rose!
Ok, I made some slight changes in her face but the nose is still exactly the same, she didn't have a nose job! Her lips have been "dis-botoxed" because her "mum" Rose has such pouty lips and these didn't fit my new sim girl well...
And what's your opinion about Rose? Her lips are to big, aren't they. Can you imagine that they have been even bigger before?!

So...maybe you've recognized that I'm a bit ...uhm...bored or something (I mean, I'm writing about pouty lips of my sims!). But at the moment I just feel like blabla-ing!

Anyway, I know that you will be the only human on earth reading this, so it doesn't matter at all what enormous trash I'm writing! 

Ahh! Now I'm feeling much better! xD


  1. I like this Sim a lot, she looks very realistic. She looks kind of like a girl know named Laura, so that is what I would name her.

    1. Thank you! :)
      Well...Laura...I'm not sure. Because my little cousin's name is Laura and I usually don't give my sims names of relatives or friends. Thanks though for your suggestion. ^^

  2. Wow Lil, you might want to increase those meds just a teeny, tiny bit...or stop drinking before you sim.

    Anyway when I saw her I thought Gwen...perhaps the hair kinda reminds me of Gwen Stefani. But your thoughts of her being a "bad girl" running from a shadowed past were very interesting. Also and I don't know I might be on the same meds as you but I though "Texas" when I looked at her too...

    P.S. There is absolutely nothing wrong with pouty lips, even for a sim :P

    1. Thanks for stopping by here!

      Which meds do you mean? I've lots of them! xD Just kidding!

      She really looks a bit like Gwen Stefani...
      And Texas...also good! ;)

      Pouty lips for everybody!!

      (Just don't take me too seriously. I'm a bit ... confused at the moment. )

  3. She is super pretty! I would name her Lilith :)