Friday, January 6, 2012

Look At Me Poses

Hi there!
Here's my new pose pack which consists of 5 poses for your female sims. This time I tried to do a better job than I did on my last poses and I think these new poses are actually a lot better! I also wanted to make the faces look more natural because last time some of them looked quite creepy...

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, here are the more or less famous Look At Me Poses! ^^
Hope you like them.

The Download includes two files: One featuring the poselist and another where you have to type in the names of the poses. You can decide on your own which file you prefer.
Pose names are:

model credits: sims made by me,
skins: geldyh, ephemera, lemonleaf
hair: newsea, peggy
eyebrows: missdaydreams (TSR), elexis (MTS)
makeup: arisuka (MTS), LadyFrontbum, bille, Lili09 (That's me) ^^
contacts: lemonleaf, escand (MTS), danzxncrd
clothing & accessories: Late Night, Ambitions, the Store, Anubis360, IN3S


  1. OMG Lili, die Posen sind soooo GREAT <3 Wow, einfach wow.... will noch mehr :)

  2. Thank you, great pose set! ^.^

  3. You are so good at dealing with the face expressing and the joint position. Very natural and nice poses!

  4. Thank you all a hundred times! ^^

  5. I'm so happy that you like it! Thanks. :)

  6. Im in love with these poses, they are nice and simple, but very pretty all the same :) thank you for them!!!

  7. This pose is really nice thank you so much :)