Saturday, December 31, 2011

First Model Pose Pack

Ok guys, now I've also tried to make some poses. They aren't the best, I know but I've just begun creating poses as well as makeup.
Here are my first 5 poses. The first and the second poses are still quite stiff and unnatural looking but I think that the others aren't so bad, are they? Just take a look at them and maybe tell me your oppinion.^^
The download file includes two .package files: One with pose list and one where you have to type in the pose names.
They are

Hope you like my first pose set! :)

If anything doesn't work please tell me!


  1. danke fürs verlinken setze dich auch nach oben zu meinen Partnersites ^.-

  2. I love model poses!
    It's really useful^^ thanks for sharing!!

  3. wow Lili, ich bin totall hin und weg. Das ist eine Mega Mega Große Klasse was du da egbastelt hast und ich hab mir alles geholt :)
    Suuuper <3

  4. Thanks JS Sims 3! I'm happy to hear that you like them. ^^

    Vielen, vielen Dank gergana! Das ist so lieb von dir, ich steh ja noch ganz am Anfang meiner "CC-Bastel-Karriere", da ist es toll wenn dir auch schon meine aktuellen Sachen gefallen. ♥

    Auch dir Danke, jasmin, dass du mich verlinkst.

  5. I am downloading also, they are simple, yes but not stiff and very natural looking and I appreciate that. TY for sharing!! :D

  6. Thank you so much Anubis and SunnyFlower! I'm so happy that some people actually like my first poses.
    Hugs to you two! :)

  7. Thank you Lili, I love this poses! I downloaded it yesterday, but I have not tested yet...
    The first and the last are my fav <3
    P.S.: Do not be discouraged by the comments of MS3B, you're doing a great job here

  8. You're so kind! ^^
    Thank you a hundred times for your encouraging words. You saved my day. :)

  9. Your poses are amazing. Good job.

  10. Super Posen *-*
    Ich werde auf jedenfall Mitglied ich muss doch auf dem laufendem bleiben ♥

    LG Gummihahn (:

  11. Hey they aren't showing up in my game

  12. thanks lili, these are awesome and really useful for me :)